Greenhouse Gas-Neutral Enterprises and Administrations - between Greenwashing and Green Transition

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On behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA), the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE organizes a conference at the Fraunhofer ENIQ in Berlin in January 2023. The conference aims at shedding light on the topic of greenhouse gas GHG-neutral enterprises and administrations and helps participants to distinguish between greenwashing and a sustainable green transition.

The first day of the conference starts with keynotes and speeches presenting the latest insights on the different concepts and perspectives of GHG-neutrality from science, climate policy and practice. The insights will be expanded in different parallel workshop sessions with deep dives into topics such as GHG-neutral buildings or procurement. The second day focuses on controlling and offsetting GHG emissions and how to detect and avoid the suspicion of greenwashing.

The event focuses on an interactive transfer of expertise by several parallel and open space sessions, high-level keynotes, panel discussions and networking with other stakeholders. It aims at mapping the dynamic field of GHG-neutrality and supports the sustainable  transformation of organizations and enterprises.

At a Glance


  • A conference hosted by the Fraunhofer ISE on behalf of the Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
  • Overview on greenhaus gas neutrality from the scientific, practical, and  political perspective
  • Insights from a variety of different stakeholders
  • Connect to other stakeholders within this fast-developing domain, exchange knowledge and get to know the best practices in the field
  • Enable Enterprises and Administrations to truly transition to greenhaus gas neutrality



24th and 25th of January 2023 | Fraunhofer ENIQ


The conference will be held in English.

24th of January - Introduction to concepts from science, policy and business perspective

09:30 Arrival and get together

10:00 Welcome and introduction

Dirk Messner, President of German Environment Agency UBA

Keynote: Greenhouse-gas neutrality from a professional, political, and practical perspective
Helena Viñes Fiestas, UN High Level Expert Group on Net-Zero

10:30 The Science perspective

From mind-set to footprint – transdisciplinary approach to GHG-neutral organizations Dirk Messner, President of German Environment Agency UBA

11:00 The Policy perspective

Socio-ecological transition: What climate policy expects from business; How climate policy can integrate voluntary initiatives
Sven Dammann, EU DG Climate

11:30 Coffee Break


11:45 The Practical perspective

Evolution and relevance of the concepts climate and GHG-neutrality
Christoph Kost, Fraunhofer ISE

Overview and evaluation of initiatives for climate- and greenhouse gas emission neutral organisations
Franziska Riedel, Fraunhofer ISE

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Parallel Workshop Session I

1. The business challenge – How enterprises ensure sound and credible GHG-neutrality claims
Carsten Warnecke, New Climate

2. The administrative challenge – How the public sector becomes a role model for GHG-neutrality? claims
Kerstin Röhling, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

3. The Research Institutional challenge – How science organisations and universities become GHG-neutral?
Melanie Sporer, European Environment Agency  


15:15 Coffee Break


15:30 Parallel Workshop Session II

1. The building and housing challenge – How to construct and operate GHG-neutral buildings?
Christian Stolte, dena


2. The mobility challenge – How to organize a GHG-neutral transport?
John Anderson, German Aerospace Center

3. The procurement challenge – How to manage a GHG-neutral supply chain?
Loïc Maßen, Climate Partner; Maud Vastbinder, CO2 Performance Ladder

16:45 Outcome of Workshop Sessions I and II
Christoph Kost, Fraunhofer ISE

17:00 End of Day 1

19:30 Informal dinner (at own expense)

25th of January –Implementation measures, compensation, how to avoid greenwashing


09:00 Welcome

09:15 Parallel Workshop Session III

1. The accounting and controlling challenge – How to quantify and control GHG emissions and reductions?
Maximilian Seier, EnBW


2. The compensation challenge – How offsetting contributes to climate mitigation?
Denis Uieß, ClimatePartner; Martin Szaramowicz, MoorFuture



3. The communication challenge – How to ensure credible and transparent climate reporting?

Hanna Schreiber, Umwelt Bundesamt GmbH Austria and David Lammers, CDP


10:30 Outcomes parallel Workshop Session III and transfer to  Openspace/Poster-Session
Christoph Kost, Fraunhofer ISE


10:45 Openspace/ Networking/ Coffee Break
Outcomes from the Parallel Workshop
Session + Networking


11:30 Outcomes Parallel Workshop Session I – III
Gathering in plenum for Panel Discussion
Christoph Kost / Franziska Riedel, Fraunhofer ISE

11:45 Panel Discussion: Between Greenwashing and Green Transition

  • Climate Policy
    Helena Viñes Fiestas, UN High Level Expert Group on Net-Zero
  • Scientist/Consultant on Climate Management
    Silke Mooldijk, New Climate
  • Business representative
    Johanna Pütz, BCG
  • NGO
    Lili Fuhr, CIEL

Moderation: Dr. Burkhard Huckestein, German Environment Agency UBA


12:45 Conclusions and Findings


13:00 End of Conference




24th and 25th of January 2023 | Fraunhofer ENIQ


The conference will be held in English.